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Had outstandingly good experience. Reception staff and dental nurses kind and friendly. Dentists superb. Pleasant and clean practice always seen on time. No improvement whatsoever necessary.

- Tracy Arnold

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I have been in a lot of pain . I want anyone to know this I had a phobia of dentists sinse a child , I'd never believe that I could have all my teeth out and be in the chair for 8 hours , under sedation this was my only option, due to my teeth were falling out . I underwent surgery at the Sanford clinic , where I was greeted by Kryspin who was very kind , he had been tro my notes as I had 4 back surgeries and he showed concern as Id be in chair for 8 hours , well this man went beyond his job and made me comfortable and took my stress away he was a diamond a real way to have surgery done he was amasing 5 stars , his bedside manner was amasing a few kind words and I was at ease and it all went well . I recommend him to all nervous patients he was amasing and my pain was keept under his control so I felt nothing . Thanking you again regards to you and your family


Hi Kryspin, I just wanted to say thank you for all you did today. You put me completely at ease, and made the experience much less stressful than I could possibly have imagined. I will have absolutely no qualms about having deep sedation for any future treatment. Kind regards


Dear Dr Stepien, I hope you and your family are well? I must apologise for my late e-mail, I promised to give you feedback after my Drip at The Sandford Clinic on 13th November. Not sure where the time has gone. I had the Modified Myere and the Glelokione 600g. I have to say I felt very tired and unwell for about three days after but by the Monday I felt alot better and brighter and been feeling very good since. I have notice less stiffness in my joints, particularly my hands, feet and lower back. Thank you so much for all your help. Hope you stay safe and well. Warmest Regards


Dearest Kryspin, Just a note to say thanks for looking after me yesterday, You are a wonderful and kind Dr with a huge heart and was wonderful spending time with you whilst waiting for treatment to start with Hussein. The future is very bright for you, the universe will truly sort that out for you, it can’t not, you are too nice, Happy Saturday, mouth rather stiff as expected but feeling good Thanks again 🙏🦋


Hi Mr Stepien Thank you for all your help and kindness Friday 7th May. It was so appreciated


Good morning I would just like to say a huge thank you to you all for your care and understanding on Friday. I am sorry I was a bit of a wreck but you all got me through it


I have undergone quite extensive dental work at the Sandford Clinic over the last year. This included two implants one of them for one tooth the other for two, two front teeth root canal fillings, with new crowns, bone thickening treatment and sinus lift plus crowns for the implants and a further crown for a tooth that once was one end of a bridge and some further cosmetic work with resin.

I am absolutely delighted with the result and didn't have any problem at any stage of the treatment, with pain or discomfort. The bulk of the treatment was carried out by Ahssan Sarvestani and his lovely dental nurse Eliza Acharya, I must apologise because I know that some of the implant work was carried out by another dentist but I cannot recall his name. Everyone that I was treated by were all so kind, friendly and reassuring, that it was a pleasure to be treated by them. The root canal filling treatment was carried out by Marta Sarvestani again so patient and caring, with no problems after the treatment.
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I couldn't have had a better more skilled, professional team if I had been qualified to choose them for myself and the human touch was just superb. The business part of the arrangement was dealt with efficiently and concisely by Sarah Persechino and the cheery welcome I received led by Sarah Bastick and the rest of the reception team couldn't be faulted. I must also name the dentist who began my faith and trust in the National Health side of the clinic, Farhad Moment, he extracted a tooth for me before any of the other treatment was under consideration. I could not believe how skilled he was in performing the operation, so quick and efficient, I didn't need any pain killing treatment after, I followed his instructions and the wound just healed without any problem whatsoever. In the past I had some horrible experiences with other dentists the site not clotting and staying open, needing dressings that wouldn't stay put, pain killers necessary until the wound finally closed.

In my closing statement I would just like to thank everyone of you for being such a delight to be treated by, in a profession that for a lot of people like myself, has been an ordeal from childhood.

Mrs Hadingham

Having waited for so long to have implants fitted, I was bitterly disappointed to find, for medical reasons the implants for me were not possible. That however did not stop Mr Shaffie from providing me with an alternative, much to my delight.

I am now fitted with a full width bridge for my upper jaw and crowns and bridges for the lower jaw (even have an extra tooth). Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled with the final result, the teeth are exceptional and my smile is now brilliant, and the comments from family, friends and and those that know me are all very complimentary, especially on just how realistic they look, all due to Mr Hussein Shaffie and not to foreget the whole team and staff of the `Sandford Dental Clinic, with my special thanks to the clinics coordinator, Sarah Persechino for her understanding

Mr E Shooter

With all my heart I would like to say how thankful I am to Dr Asif Mughal, the treatment coordinator Sarah, the reception team and the nurses at the Sandford. The treatment that I have received has been life changing for me, I can smile in public again, my confidence and self-esteem have been boosted beyond measure. My family and friends have commented on the change in my confidence and smile. Read More

The way I have been treated has been exceptional and I will attend future appointments with a big smile on my face. I am beyond happy. I cannot say enough nice things about Dr Asif, the practice and the treatment I have received. I would recommend the Sandford to everyone, it is worth every single penny.

Ms A Kniukstiene

I started with missing teeth, a dodgy bridge and plate and almost non-existent lower front teeth! To be honest I thought my fear of dentists (bad experience at school) and costs prohibited me from doing more than just managing the upkeep of the teeth left. Enter Asif! A dentist who understood my fear, listened to my medical complications and came up with a schedule of works over a 4 month period to reinstate my smile and safe guard my lower teeth with veneers, a denture and crowns. The cost was easily manageable and the results fantastic! Being a more mature lady (old) I feared an Essex smile and although I could have pulled this off in my twenties, now it would just look like a full set of dentures – Asif to the rescue once more! He fully understood my wish for my new teeth to look like the best versions of my originals and supported my wish for natural white rather than vibrant white teeth. I think the end result is wonderful and so natural. Read More

If you want a dentist who really listens to your wants and fears and who vests his total time and attention to providing you with the best outcome possible, then book in to have an assessment with Asif - you won’t be disappointed. Asif, like Lucie and the support team are friendly, approachable and professional – actually it is professional with a hug!

Jacquie x

I have been coming to the practice for 12 years plus, initially as an NHS patient, then later as a private patient with Mr Hussein Shaffie. Mr Shaffie made me feel so comfortable so I continued to come to the practice. The staff are so nice and helpful and accommodating and this has made me want to stay with the practice.

I used to be so scared but found Hussein to be kind and gentle with so much patience which made me feel at ease. Read More

At one appointment, Hussein noticed that I could potentially have mouth cancer, so referred me straight away to hospital, unfortunately it was found indeed to be cancer, but I was so grateful that Mr Shaffie spotted this. I have been operated on and now am fully recovered. If I had not attended the practice, this would never have been picked up on. The practice is a very nice, comfortable place to be, with great staff and dentists and I couldn’t recommend the Sandford more highly.

A chance meeting with an old friend in a local supermarket prompted me to contact The Sandford for advice about replacing my front teeth, which were eroding.

I had a family event coming up and wanted to look my best. The erosion of my front teeth had only slightly bothered me, I didn't think they were bad enough for anyone else to notice.

From the moment I stepped into the Sandford I was made to feel special. Everything was explained to me about the treatment (and whitening procedure). I was asked to bring my husband along to meet Ahssan. Careful consideration was given to the date of our scheduled family event, for which I wanted to look my best. Each treatment was planned accordingly.
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I was to have my four top front teeth crowned, which would involve a lengthy time in the Dentist's chair. Throughout the procedure Ahssan made sure that I was feeling ok. He was such a perfectionist - I found this very reassuring. My temporary teeth felt a bit strange, but he wanted to make sure that I would be happy with them until my new teeth were ready.

I returned to the Sandford a couple of weeks later to have my new crowns fitted. They look amazing! I told Ahssan that I would never bite into an apple again; that I would really take great care of them. He assured me that my new crowns were much stronger than my original teeth.

I am constantly surprised that so many people have noticed - meaning that I wasn't aware of just how awful my teeth must have looked before.

I am one very happy person - all because of a chance meeting...


The staff are wonderful, polite, efficient and helpful. The dentist Hussein is always willing to see you even at short notice I cannot praise him enough. I don’t know what I would do if he was to leave.

Mrs Jacqueline Crutchfield

As I said when I first met you all, my situation had long been an issue of embarrassment and lack of confidence with my smile. However since the restoration work has been completed, it has made me feel so much better and now I can smile with confidence!

Mr.Shaffie was kind and understanding and thoroughly professional and experienced in what he suggested would work for me during our initial consultation. He gave me an option which he believed would best suit me and achieve the results which would make me look and feel so much better.

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The treatment carried out went just as was explained the procedure would be and was completed in 3 months. Mr.Shaffie’s team explained every step along the way and were caring and gentle as I was, understandably, nervous.

Matthew was my first point of call when I phoned to discuss cosmetic dental work. Matthew was very friendly and informative of the options available and recommended a no-strings consultation which I had. The follow up communications with Matthew to discuss my options was very friendly and helpful. He continued to be approachable and encouraging to me and made me feel my particular case was important to them, which was a great comforter.

Lucy on Reception was always welcoming and friendly and made the whole experience pleasant and not at all daunting. She was always prepared to take the time to advise and assist during the whole process from start to end.

I would have no hesitation in recommending The Sandford to my friends and colleagues, many of whom have already undergone treatment at the clinic following my experience.

Thank you

Julie Brooks

Dear Mr Shaffie I am now coming towards the end of my implant and bridge treatments.

I feel I must write and congratulate you and your highly professional team. Although I was apprehensive and nervous about the whole procedure, I am delighted with the results.

The whole experience has been fantastic. I would like to add that it's truly a team effort. Its starts at reception where I am always greeted with a smile by cheerful receptionists who make me feel like I am the most important patient you have. So thank you to Diane, Lucy and the rest of that team.

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Matthew has made sure everything has run smoothly and that I fully understood each stage, he also reassured me of any worries that I was having.

The nurses on the day of my implants were fantastic, their kindness was exemplary, and I certainly felt a lot more relaxed thanks to them, Wendy and Claire. The dentists Craig and Antonio who carried out my procedure were true professionals using their humour to relax me.

I am so lucky now to be under Natasha's care who is adding the final touches so I can have beautiful teeth. Her advice and care is the best I have ever experienced in dentistry.

Please pass on my congratulations to everyone involved. I wish you every success with the Sandford Clinic. I will be highly recommending you all.

Yours sincerely.

Mrs Sharron Duff

I had an inman brace fitted last year and I am so happy with the results, it has made such a difference to me and was completed in such a short space of time. Ahssan and his nurses have always been so friendly and patient and explained clearly what was happening at each stage.

Ahssan reassured me that I could come and see him anytime if I had a problem and after panicking the first time I had to put the brace in myself I came back and he saw me very quickly and reassured me.

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On the occasions when I have had to bring my 1 year old son in with me everyone has been very accommodating and helpful, especially the receptionists.

I will definitely be recommending the practice to my friends and family.


I came along to The Dental Practice to find out some information with regard to implants, I saw Dr Hussein Shaffie, who explained every stage of the process and gave me a plan to take home and look at.

Every appointment during my treatment was made as pleasant as possible by the friendly staff and expert care, and I am delighted with the end result. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Mr James Gibbs

Had outstandingly good experience. Reception staff and dental nurses kind and friendly. Dentists superb. Pleasant and clean practice always seen on time. No improvement whatsoever necessary.

Tracy Arnold

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