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Justin - Key Case Study

'All On Six Dental Implants'
Justin came in to see us for a consultation due to having loose teeth as well as several missing upper and lower teeth.

Before Treatment


After Treatment


Justin came to see us for a consultation to discuss treatment options for his missing upper and lower teeth as well as treatment options for his remaining teeth that were loose. At the consultation x-rays and a CT scan were taken for further assessment to assess what treatment options would be suitable for Justin. Unfortunately, after reviewing the x-rays and CT scan we had to inform Justin that he had severe bone loss in his upper and lower jaw which had cause the mobility of his remaining teeth. Although we had to provide Justin with some bad news, we instantly assured Justin that we would be able to help him improve his smile.

We discussed all suitable treatment options available, and we agreed upon the removal of all his remaining upper and lower teeth followed by replacement with six dental implants on each arch and a fixed twelve-unit bridge, known as All on Six Implant treatment.


All on Six implant treatment is carried out over a series of appointments and will usually take approximately 6 months to complete.

Prior to going ahead with dental implant placement an initial stage of treatment planning is required which includes a CT scan, photographs and impressions for temporary restorations and study models.

The next stage of Justin's dental implant treatment was the dental implant surgery which involved extracting his remaining teeth under sedation with our anaesthetist and placing Bio-Oss bone graft material and plasma to increase the bone volume. This was followed by placement of six dental implants into the upper jaw and six dental implants into the lower jaw.

Upper and lower temporary restorations were provided to Justin after this surgery for a healing period of approximately 3-6 months. During the healing period the bone and implants will integrate, a process referred to as Osseo - integration.

After the healing period Justin came back in for impressions which are sent to the laboratory to construct his fixed final upper and lower twelve-unit bridges. These were then fitted a few weeks later.


Justin returned after a couple of weeks following the implant surgery for a review, to assess the initial healing of the implants. Furthermore, we advised Justin to come in to have two hygienist appointments a year following his implant placement and to see his implant surgeon every two-three years for them to remove the definitive fixed implant bridge, clean underneath the bridge and around the implants.

This is another great example of how life changing All-On-Six treatment can be.

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